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SHS Parking

All students that want a parking space must have valid SC Driver's License, completed DriveSmart, and should complete an application to obtain a spot for the 2021-2022 school year. All drivers must also meet State legal requirements, including registration and insurance. Applying for an SHS Parking Pass is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Traffic Lights

  1. Successfully complete DriveSmart

  2. Review Parking Policies and Procedures

  3. Complete Parking Application

Once your application is approved, you must pay for your Parking space via the SDOC SchoolPay system. After all documentation is received, a link will be sent via email for you to use SchoolPay. This is the only way to remit payment.

(Note: Please do not delete your receipt of payment as you will need to show it when you receive your parking tag.)

We cannot issue a student a parking tag until we are actually provided proof that a student has a valid license, or some other state-approved documentation that validates that they are authorized to drive (i.e., we will follow state and SHS guidance regarding this issue).

Tags are issued in the order they are submitted.  Seniors are afforded the privilege of parking closest to the building with spaces issued in descending order by grade.  Student Parking areas are noted in the diagram below.

Parking Lot

RED Lots = No Parking

GREEN Lot = Student Parking

GREY/RED Lot = Athletic Parking after 4:15pm

YELLOW Lot = Visitor Parking

BLUE Lots = Faculty and Staff Parking


Also below are links to request a Replacement Tag or view a map of student parking spaces.  Applicants requiring Handicap Parking may do so HERE.  

Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation in keeping our students safe.  Go Cats!


Parking Maps
Parking Application
Replacement Tag



  Parking Policies and Procedures